"....My gardens fuse my love for the energy and style of the city with the beauty and harmony of the natural world."

With clear hand and CAD drawings and photographic documentation of plants and materials, the vision is shared as it unfolds. With Patrick the design process is an exciting step in turning dreams into reality.

Construction is a collaboration between Patrick and trusted contractors. Hands on involvement in the selection and placement of critical elements ensures the garden has the highly desired look and feel.

Garden services are:

Elwood Garden >
Fitzroy Garden >
Thornbury Garden >
Newport Garden >
Richmond Garden >
Carlton Garden >
Princes Hill Garden >
Fitzroy Garden 2 >
Fitzroy Garden 3 >

Elwood Garden

Showcasing vibrant plantings that thrive in the bayside conditions, the individual courtyards work as a cohesive theme for the landmark apartment building.

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Fitzroy Garden

Accommodating four children, pets and toys, the garden provides a sophisticated setting for a busy professional couple. While screening the flats directly behind, the garden has versatile living space with a feeling of depth and privacy.

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Thornbury Garden

Comfort for all seaons, this garden is sanctuary in a busy location.          

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Newport Garden

Play in peace and entertain in comfort, this garden is generous to the streetscape and tailored to the clients needs within.

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Richmond Garden

Inner city natives thrive. Natural and modern, a laid back feel that is easy to look after.

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Carlton Garden

Nestled amongst imposing commercial buildings, this small garden extends the families living space with style and flair, creating a calming outlook from the house.
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Princes Hill Garden

A garden reflecting the client's love of a childhood in the tropics and extensive world travel, and honouring the historic and landmark residence.                                 
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Fitzroy Garden 2

Offering a moment of piece and beauty when surrounded by the hustle and bustle, the planting creates intimate space while spans from tropical to grassland to arid area 'ecosystems'.
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Fitzroy Garden 3

Getting the most from a tiny space, the planting and stone work offers a window to a momentous landscape while not compromising the versatility of the courtyards function.
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